TRIAL CLASS for first-time students

We recognize that kids don’t know what they like or don’t like until they try it. With that knowledge in mind, we offer all first-time participants a trial class in any GymStars program. To maintain the highest level of quality, our Trial Classes are fee based. As an incentive, we will apply the cost of the Trial Class towards the student’s first month’s tuition provided they register for class the same day as the Trial Class.   Trial classes are based on class availability.


At GymStars, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your immediate family pays full tuition. ALL lesser tuitions from your immediate family are discounted 20%! (Not available for certain programs. See the front desk for details).


Our Students receive personal attention due to our Student/Coach ratios:
StarBurst Program: StarMovers: 10:1 StarCruisers: 8:1 StarLites: 6:1 StarBrites: 6:1 Shooting Stars: 6:1 Shining Stars: 6:1
Rising Stars Rec. 8:1   Tumbling: 8:1  

 JOINING a class after the month commences

Our programs are structured so that any child can join at any time and not be left behind.

 CHANGING classes mid-month

In a multi-sport facility we know that kids will change their minds from time to time, therefore, we will gladly accommodate class change requests (assuming there is a vacancy in your desired class).

 20% Birthday Discount to all GymStars members

GymStars offers the World’s Greatest Birthday Party. To make it even better, we offer a 20% discount off of the package price to all GymStars families. Must be actively enrolled in a class to receive discount.


To recognize those students who have worked hard and “stuck with it” over a long period of time, we award them with a Trophy. To qualify your child must be enrolled continuously for 12 months in any of our programs. We have different awards for every year they are continuously enrolled. Example: 1st year trophy, 2nd year bigger trophy… The award will be presented during class. We will send you an email to remind you so your child can invite family and friends.


$20.00 For Referring a Friend

We want to thank you for referring your family and friends and what better way than with a $20.00 Referral Reward.

There is no limit to how many rewards you can receive.

Just ask your friend to write your name in the “How did you hear about us?” box on the registration form. Just like that, you get the $20.00 reward put on your account. The reward is good towards your next months tuition.

To be eligible, the family you referred must be new to GymStars and your child must be currently enrolled.

Must be a member in good standing to receive the referral reward.


Sign up by the Thursday BEFORE the event and receive a discount!

GymStars members get an additional 10% off (approximately).

Siblings get an additional 20% discount!

Discounts are always applied to the lower KPN price.

Kids’ Play Night Club Card. Reserve 5 spots at KPN and get your 6th spot for free!

 Wi-Fi Hot Spot

We offer our members free wireless (password protected) internet access. Ask the front desk for details.


We have structured our program so your child can enroll in class at any time on a month to month basis. The number of classes will vary month to month depending on the area’s school calendars and holidays which necessarily means your child may have 3 classes one month, 4 the next or 5 in another. Regardless, we guarantee 48 classes during our “Gym” year from September to August. If your child’s class meets 5 times in one month, we will not charge extra. Consequently, if your child’s class meets 3 times in one month, due to holidays…, you will not receive a credit or make up.


Full payment is required with registration. Tuition payments by check can be mailed or dropped off in our payment box at the front desk. Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express can be used at the front desk, over the phone, or online. Debit Cards can be used at the front desk. We do not accept Money Orders.

Tuition is due on the last day of the prior month. Effective January 1, 2016, all members are required to be setup on our Auto Pay system.  Any account with an outstanding balance on the 1st of the month will be removed from active enrollment.

Auto Pay:

Auto Pay is required to be activated for all participants.

Chose between Checking Account Debiting, or charging to a major Credit Card.

If you choose to pay your balance manually you must do so by the 15th of the preceding month. If you have a balance on your account as of the 16th of the preceding month we will engage the Auto Pay System. You will notice your automatic payment debit or charge between the 17th and the 20th (see example).

If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday we process the Auto Pay on the previous business day. (See example).

Example: if the 20th falls on a Monday and that day is a holiday or a closed day for GymStars we will process the Auto Pay on the previous business day which would be Friday the 17th.

It is the clients responsibility to keep all automatic payment information correct and up to date.  This includes updating expired credit card information prior to the 15th and has charging or debit privileges.

It is easy to change Auto Pay. You can either update your information online or in person by filling our a form. Please allow 15 days for processing changes on your auto pay.

Should your bank decline the debit or your card company decline the charge or debit a $20.00 fee will be charged to your account and is immediately due. At this time you must pay your account current.

Note: We offer a non Auto Pay rate for most programs. Please inquire for more information.


The Annual Membership & Administration Fee allows GymStars to operate with out any long term contracts. Applies to immediate family only. This fee is due upon initial registration and each following year on the participants anniversary month. Membership costs differ by location. Please contact your desired location for current rates.


A written letter with intent to discontinue active enrollment is required. Discontinuation of enrollment may take effect immediately however no refunds will be given for classes already paid for. Back-dated notices will not be accepted. Verbal notices will not be accepted. A 15 day notice is required to cancel Auto Pay.

 *MEDICAL REASONS for dropping a class*

For medical situations validated by a written acknowledgement from a licensed medical practitioner, you will be granted a credit prorated from THE DAY WE RECEIVE the written acknowledgement.
A retroactive request for medical credit cannot be granted, as it eliminates our opportunity to fill the vacated class spot.


Tuition pays for your child’s spot in their class. We know how hectic family schedules can become. As a courtesy, GymStars offers two make-ups per month for any active student when doing so does NOT INTERRUPT the safety or quality of classes. All make ups must be completed within one month from date of absence. Please call the Office to schedule make-ups. Make up procedures vary program to program, depending on safety concerns, space, equipment, and teaching ratios. NOTE that a program’s particular make-up policy is already factored into that program’s tuition amount. The gym is closed from time to time for holidays. These days are factored into the tuition averaged out over the year. GymStars reserves the right to refuse to offer a make-up if we feel it will degrade the experience of those children who have registered for and paid for that class. Make-ups are not intended for Developmental and Competitive Students.


Safety always comes first and we need your help.
What to wear to class:

Gymnastics: Girls should wear a leotard. Boys should wear a t-shirt or step-in and gym shorts. Participants should be bare foot while in class.

Cheer: Participants should wear a t-shirt, gym shorts, and clean tennis shoes (preferably gym only shoes). Dance: See Instructor

Karate: Participants need to wear their Gi. Participants should be bare foot while in class

No loose or baggy clothing

No Jewelry

No gum in the facility

No food or drink in the gym area

Leave valuables at home, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items

Parents are welcome to watch classes from the designated viewing areas. (Competitive Parents please refer to the specific competitive sport handbook).

Only students and staff members are allowed in the gym areas. (Except parents enrolled in Parent Participation classes).

Please do not allow small children, not enrolled, on the workout floor.

Please do not leave your young children unattended in the viewing area.

For Safety Reasons, Please do not communicate verbally or otherwise to your child or their coach while they are training.

Please do not allow your child to climb or play on chairs, furniture, counter, railing and Pro Shop.

Please re-hang any apparel you may have looked at.

Only staff members are allowed behind the counter.

Please be considerate of others and pick up any mess made by you or your child.

No Smoking! (Smoking is prohibited in and around the facility).

Please do not allow your child to cross the parking lot by themselves.

Please be on time when picking up your child from class.


Here at GymStars, we take security and safety seriously. Therefore, if you would like to video or photograph your student in class, please visit the front desk first for a Video & Photo Pass. PLEASE NO FLASH OR VIDEO LIGHTS. It disorients the students on the bars and beam when there is a sudden flash or bright lights.

*Please refer to the class information for specific rules for the students. We ask that the Competitive and Developmental Athletes also refer to their team handbook.


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