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We recognize each child for what makes them unique and create a plan of action that mixes sensory stimulation, locomotor activities, social concepts and fun to accomplish great things together!

What is StarBound?

Our StarBound classes are designed for children with a range developmental disabilities who need an alternative style of instruction: mainly they need a place to be themselves!  Kids may have different sensory, social, tactile, or medical needs that are better suited for a guided sensory environment. 

How are StarBound Classes Different?

While our Gymnastics based programs follow a specific curriculum and are skill based, StarBound classes are more flexible.  In a StarBound class, we allow each child to be themselves in a safe and fun environment.  Each week, children have the opportunity to interact with a variety of equipment and activities to help fulfill their physical and sensory needs.  StarBound classes also have a maximum of 4 students per class! Parents can help too!

What do we help our students do?

Fulfill sensory needs

Improve muscle control and coordination

Build critical thinking and decision making skills

Encourage communication and socialization

Build confidence in themselves and their abilities

What types of Developmental Disabilities is StarBound designed for?

StarBound is designed to accommodate children with a range of developmental disabilities, including:

· ADD/ADHD · Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
· Autism Spectrum Disorders · Medically Fragile
· Blind/Vision Impaired · Non-Ambulatory
· Cerebral Palsy · Sensory Integration Disorders
· Deaf/Hearing Impaired · Speech Disorders
· Developmental/ Intellectual Disabilities · Spinal Bifida
· Downs Syndrome · Others not specified here!

Who Created StarBound?

Robert  and Necola Mordinoia created the StarBound program in 2010.  Both have a background in Special Education and youth fitness.  We wanted a place for kids to enjoy activities after school so all children can have a place to truly be themselves and have fun!


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