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 StarBound Schedule

What is StarBound?

Our StarBound classes are designed for children with a range of different developmental disabilities who do not fit into our typical StarBurst or Rising Star Gymnastics programs for a variety of reasons.  Kids may have different sensory, social, tactile, or medical needs that are better suited for an alternative format of class delivery.  


How are StarBound Classes Different?
While our StarBurst and Rising Programs follow a specific curriculum and are skill based, StarBound classes are more flexible.  In a StarBound class, the program director, the coach, and the parents will set individual goals for each student, allowing them to focus more on specific areas of development.  Some examples of goals our students work toward include: Gymnastics skills, socialization skills, motor development, balance and coordination, exposure to different sensory stimuli, strength training, fitness, and more.  StarBound classes also have a maximum of 4 students per class and parent participation is encouraged.  If a child will benefit most by having a parent or aid in class, we encourage them to join as we work toward independence.  Several of our StarBound children have also transitioned from the StarBound program into our Rising Star Gymnastics program with great success.

What types of Developmental Disabilities is StarBound designed for?

StarBound is designed to accommodate children with a range of developmental disabilities, including:

· ADD/ADHD · Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
· Autism Spectrum Disorders · Medically Fragile
· Blind/Vision Impaired · Non-Ambulatory
· Cerebral Palsy · Sensory Integration Disorders
· Deaf/Hearing Impaired · Speech Disorders
· Developmental/ Intellectual Disabilities · Spinal Bifida
· Downs Syndrome · Others not specified here!

Who Created StarBound?
Robert (that’s me in the picture!) and Necola Mordinoia created the StarBound program in 2010.  At the time we were both working for the Stanislaus County Office of Education in Special Education.  When we were looking for extracurricular activities for our students to participate in, we could find very few.  At the same time our own children were attending StarBurst classes at GymStars.  The facility, equipment, and activities seemed perfect for the children we had worked with through the years.  We knew GymStars could provide a place for all children to be a part of an extracurricular in the community, so wrote up a proposal for a new program and the rest is history! 6 years later StarBound has grown into a phenomenal program with a variety of coaches and a wonderful array of outstanding students.  At the time StarBound was created, the only similar programs in California were one program in San Francisco and two programs  in Los Angeles.  Now, with StarBound offered in Modesto and Stockton we’ve got the Central Valley covered!  We are honored to continue to serve the special needs population of Stanislaus and San Joaquin County and look forward to continuing to grow and expand StarBound.


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