Gojo Ryu, Traditional Japanese Style GOJU means hard soft style
of Karate.

We use the Hard style of Okinawan / Japanese straight line fighting and the soft style of Chinese Kempo and that which is angular or circular movements. 

Goju Ryu therefore has the best of both fighting traditions of Okinawan and Chinese. We combine jamming, isolation, and parry combinations into a single fighting form. 

We also utilize the talents of other arts of self - defense for the completeness to adapt to any attack on the streets.

For more information on Tibon's Goju Ryu Karate Dojo, you can see his website or check out the USA National Karate-Do Federation website at: www.usankf.com, Thank you.

What to Wear: Girls and boys wear a Karate Gi.
No gum or jewelry. Hair must be pulled back for safety.


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