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2017 Annual Recital - August 12: HOT AUGUST NIGHTS!

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!  Price increases by $20 STARTING MONDAY May 15, 2017.


Price includes a customized Leotard or custom uniform fitting the theme, unlimited entry tickets, a custom medal commemorating the event, and a program of events

For more information, contact us at: (209) 549-1919 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Registration must be done in person as uniform sizing is required.


The Mini Olympics is our annual performance show / recital.  Everyone enrolled into a class at GymStars is invited to participate.  The event date is August 12 and times are to be determined.

So, what is it?  Basically what we do is design routines for the kids to learn and perform in a show atmosphere.  The theme this year, “HOT AUGUST NIGHTS!” The actual show will work similar to a competitive gymnastics meet so that the students can get a feel for what it’s like to be in that environment.  There is no pressure to compete, it’s just how the rotations are set up so get that feel of going from event to event just like in the Olympics. The kids will learn their routines during their normally scheduled classes and the routines are designed to work within the established curriculum.  This means that we are not pressuring the kids to learn anything new or move outside of their comfort zone.  What they are learning is how to arrange the skills they already know and are working on into a specific order for which they will perform the day of the show.  There are no extra practices required!

With your registration to the Mini Olympics the athlete will receive a custom uniform fitting the theme of the event.  This year the girls get custom designed leotard; and the boys will get a custome style t-shirt and shorts.  Registration also includes unlimited entry tickets into the event, a commemorative medal specially designed for this event, and a color program for the session.

It’s a great deal of fun for the kids and a good chance for the parents and family or friends to see their little ones in action.  With the class performances, we will also have team and karate exhibitions, so that people can see some of the higher level skills that the kids are working towards.

The gymnastics team booster club usually sets up a snack bar of sorts in the front parking lot, as well as a used leo sale as a fundraiser.  They typically have pretty good food, ranging from barbequed tri-tip to Round Table pizza.  Prices are extremely reasonable and tables are setup for people to sit and enjoy a nice lunch after their performance.

It’s a great experience and fun day!

Registration must be done in person as the children need to be properly sized for their uniforms.

More Details:

The show takes place at GymStars Modesto on Saturday, August 12, 2017.

Children are split into separate shows that run back to back on August 12. 

Children will perform in only one of the shows on that day (so the show will only run 90-120 minutes instead of many hours)

Kids generally perform in pairs or groups and coaches are on hand to assist.  They do not have to memorize a full routine to perform alone the day of the show.

While students are not performing, they are in our back room playing games and having fun with our coaches!

Showtimes will be released with uniforms approximately 2 week before the show.

Siblings will be prioritized into the same showtime whenever possible.

Seating is first come, first serve the day of the show. Tickets and reservations are not available.


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