Developmental Team
GymStars offers a developmental training program for
talented girls aged 4 to 9.

Entry and acceptance into the developmental team program is by invitation only and is subject to constant evaluation. Athletes in Developmental Teams are not allowed to be enrolled at another gymnastics facility. We use USA Gymnastics (USAG) Talent Opportunity Program (TOPs) as a basis for these classes and qualified gymnasts will participate in the physical abilities tests that occur approximately twice yearly. 

USAGs TOPs program tests strength and flexibility for 7- 8 year olds at the regional level and adds skill tests for 9 -11 year olds. Competition goes from Regionals to Nationals for the older age group. Although the younger age group does not compete at the national level they are eligible to qualify to the National TOPs Team and receive TOPs Team apparel along with the 9 - 11 year olds. 

National Team qualifiers are eligible for training camps hosted by the National Coaching Staff and the top five National Team qualifiers are automatically added to the Junior Elite Training Squad!

Competitive Team
GymStars competitive program encompasses all levels of competition. 

Offering developmental team training as well as optional team training, we can identify talented children early on and provide them with quality instruction in a clean and safe environment. Our 20,000 sq. ft. facility is climate controlled and extremely clean. Our athletes train on new, elite level equipment. GymStars is home to State, Regional, and National Champions. 

MISSION STATEMENT: It is GymStars Gymnastics Team mission: To build a positive self-image and self-confidence in a positive, safe environment. To teach the mental and physical discipline needed for competition within a framework of positive reinforcement and encouragement. To teach our students how to be successful through goal setting and self-evaluation. To teach each student correct technique and to require mastery of each level to ensure every athlete has the opportunity to progress as far as their abilities will take them.

PHILOSOPHY: GymStars Gymnastics exists to provide every participant with the opportunity and tools to learn to be successful! Students will achieve a sense of accomplishment in every endeavor through the development of life-long skills such as confidence, tenacity and a strong work ethic along with a love of exercise. We strongly believe in good sportsmanship, goal setting, self-control, respect for self, others, and the workout place. The heart of our philosophy is the belief that the process is the most important part of any endeavor, not the product or results from any specific competition or contest. In short, nothing is more important than a child's self-esteem. 

Be sure to check out USA Gymnastics' web page and NorCal Women's Gymnastics Associations' web page by clicking the links above - for more information on the sport of gymnastics (as well as some cool videos) visit the following sites:


For anyone interested in college information (recruiting process, Clearing House registry, etc) you can go to the NorCal Women's Gymnastics Association's web page at the link above - just scroll down to the bottom of the page for lots of info!

For more information on our competitive team program call 209-549-1919

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